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Stella Maris Sustainable Development Students’ Hub (SMSD Students’ Hub)

The Stella Maris Sustainable Development Students’ Hub (SMSD Students’ Hub) is a student-driven program modelled on the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s SDG Student Program. The Hub aims to amplify young people's tremendous energy and capabilities in generating broader buy-in for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its three wings – Education, Solutions Lab and Community. Since its inception on September 13, 2022, this hub has facilitated the creation of student-inspired innovative solutions through knowledge-sharing, collaboration and capacity-building thereby connecting local action with global advocacy.

The college is a member in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network – A global initiative for the United Nations.

The Logo

Designed by the students, the Logo of the Stella Maris Sustainable Development Students’ Hub celebrates peace and inclusivity. The background of warm shades of pink signifies our passion to be drivers of change combined with the promise of our dedication. The name of our hub encircling the official SDG colour wheel is a symbol of our vision to make sustainable community a reality. Our motto, to synergise the passion of our student community and act towards realising the vision of a sustainable world, is captured through the words Passion, Vision and Action in the logo. The olive branches that are placed on either side of the name of the hub reiterates our pledge to work together in harmony towards a sustainable future.

For the smooth conduct of the initiatives, the core team is assisted by the student representatives from each Department.




Faculty Coordinators

  • Ms. Jumie George
    Assistant Professor,Dept. of Economics
  • Dr. Rebecca Devaprasad
    Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics (2022-23)

Faculty Members

  • Dr. Amritha N
    Assistant Professor, Dept. of Zoology
  • Dr. Sugi G
    Assistant Professor, Dept. of English (Shift - 2)

Student Coordinators 2023-24

  • P Sriya Reddy
  • S Amritha
  • T Yugapriya
  • Anna Thomas
  • T Azra
  • K Dikshitha
  • T Rujitha
  • Harini Rajkumar
  • Pooja Shree B
  • Mridula Sharma
  • Meghana Sree Rajkumar
  • Mahasri M
  • Tryphena Olive S