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Stella Maris College Counselling Services

The Department of Psychology at Stella Maris College actively pursues activities to promote mental health awareness. To this end, it is home to an excellent Counselling Service and a critical support system for students and staff. The value of this service lies not only in receiving timely assistance but also enables students to see how mental health can be nurtured and regained after facing challenges in life. In addition, the Counselling services are supported by skilled counsellors who are well-versed in recognizing students' challenges. Going the extra mile, the Counselling Services offer psychological testing /assessments to provide further referrals to students to enable them to complete the crucial journey to optimize their mental well-being.

Ensuring all who need help are provided the same, the counselling services offer individual and group therapy. To this point, it was gratifying to have pro-bono telephonic sessions for students, their families, and the general public during the Covid pandemic. Most importantly, it also runs support groups to benefit group therapy. An efficient Lead Counsellor with a proactive team heads the counselling endeavors on campus and runs training programs for faculty on mentoring and counselling. Whether a single counsellor or a team, the resources available at the Stella Maris College Counselling Services and its empathetic staff are always available with their selfless service and guidance.

Lead Counsellor : Ms. Mary Shantha Joseph

Lead Counsellor

Ms. Mary Shantha Joseph

Former Head, Department of Psychology, Stella Maris College and Treasurer, Indian Society of Victimology