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The College follows Choice Based Credit System(CBCS) and semester pattern requiring three years of study for a Bachelor’s Degree, four years of study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts, two years of study for a Master’s Degree and one year of study for M.Phil. Degree.

In the CBCS, each course offered in a semester is assigned a certain number of credits, depending on the quantum of work required of the student every week. Credit is a unit of measurement for the quantum of work required of a student in a particular course. It reflects the number of instructional hours assigned to a course every week. e.g. 2 credits, 3 credits, 4 credits (2,3 or 4 instructional hours per week respectively)

A student will earn the credits assigned to a course only when she successfully completes all the requirements of the course. A student will be awarded a degree on completion of the requirements of the curriculum: Part I to V for the undergraduate degree programme, Part I to IV for B.Voc. degree programme and Part A and Part B for the postgraduate degree programme. At the undergraduate level a student must necessarily earn a minimum of 149 credits for a Bachelor's degree, 189 credits for Visual Arts degree, 172 credits for B.Com (Hons) degree and 180 credits for B.Voc. degree. A student must necessarily complete a minimum of 94 credits for the postgraduate degree and 98 credits for Postgraduate degree in Social Work.