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We are travellers carrying with us hope, compassion and gratitude. We nurture our learning community and every student is precious to us.

In all humility, we will journey side by side, helping each other grow, offering comfort and strength, and seek to remain steadfast in truth. We pray we will learn to cherish the earth and protect her resources. We also pray we will learn to love and respect our fellow being. We will be of good cheer and travel the road, ever conscious of the weaker traveller.

Education is a life process. In his address to Italian educators, His Holiness Pope Francis explains, “Education cannot be neutral. It is either positive or negative; either it enriches or it impoverishes; either it enables a person to grow or it lessens, even corrupts him. The mission of educational institutions is to develop a sense of truth, of what is good and beautiful. And this occurs through a rich path made up of many ingredients .”

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