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Trinity Western University - Stella Maris College Graduate Express Pathway Program

Complete a 4-month Graduate Express Pathway (GEP) program in Stella Maris College, then qualify for a Master's degree in Leadership for pursuing your career and settling down in Canada!


Why Study at Trinity Western University?


Trinity Western University is Canada's best and largest private university. TWU is a full member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, and is the only private Canadian university to be invited into membership in The Royal Society of Canada.

TWU is known for outstanding academics and continually receives high marks in national rankings. With an average class size of 20, students get to know their professors through classes, appointments, special events and individual advising.


Why Study Leadership?


In the wake of globalization and technological advancement, organizations are being forced to deal with the unknowns of new markets, along with new technologies and new service expectations. As we head into a swiftly changing future, organizations of all kinds are looking for skilled leaders who have the ability to develop strategic plans, manage information, and the character necessary to develop relationships and motivate people to change. Now, more than ever before, people who can lead from both head and heart are essential.



What is a TWU FAR Centre and what does my future look like?


Complete your degree with ease through a Facilitated Academic Resource Centre (FAR) at Stella Maris College, where you will save considerably on the overall cost of your degree by completing a Graduate Express Pathway (GEP) program in your home country. With the guidance of a facilitator in a supportive environment, you will be equipped to achieve your goals and become a leader in your future workplace. Choose a FAR Centre now and be equipped for a lifetime of success in your future career. Once you successfully complete the GEP program, you will be offered an unconditional admission into the Master of Arts in Leadership degree from TWU where you will spend another 17 months in Canada to complete the Master's degree. When you are ready to look for a job in the Canadian marketplace, you are eligible to apply up to a 3-year open work permit (also known as Post-Graduate Work Permit). Many students who have completed the MA in Leadership program not only obtained the 3-year work permit, but also successfully applied Permanent Residence in Canada.


Structure, Tuition and Fees of the GEP Program in the FAR Centre

Language requirement:

IELTS of 6.5 with writing score no less than 6.0


4-month program


April and September each year


TWU Richmond Campus or TWU Langley Campus



Course List for the 4-month GEP Program at SMC

LDRS 399 Professional Writing
LDRS 300 Leadership as Service
LDRS 302 Historical Concepts and Theories
LDRS 303 Contemporary Leadership Approaches
LDRS 410 Persuasion and Positive Influence
LDRS 500 Leadership Foundations

If you are interested, contact us now!

Stella Maris College contact person:

Dr. Renuka Rajaratnam

Trinity Western University contact person:

Mr. Geoffrey Feng