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(Stella Maris Centre for Networking & Communications)

Need for Video Conference : The world has become a global village due to giant strides in networking and technology. Data, information and knowledge are increasing not from 9-5, but 24x7—all day, every day. Hence educational institutions have to keep pace with the social and global world and to embrace the changing environment through computers, internet and video conferencing. These new technologies will catalyze knowledge entrepreneurship and intellectual connectivity with global, national and regional organizations.

Video Conference System: The latest Polycom® HDX® 7000 Series equipment have been installed with a Polycom Eagle Eye camera and Polycom Stereo SurroundTM which facilitates high definition content sharing and flexible connectivity. The master system in the video conference hall enables 1+3 connections: the first connection in an adjacent class room setting, the second in another hall in another building and the third in Thirupachur village, Thiruvallur District. These provisions enable rural urban-global connectivity.

Video Conferences have been conducted both internally for departments at their annual seminars / conferences, workshops and also for external organisations like the Department of Public Affairs, The American Consulate at Chennai and so on.

Stella Maris College has been selected as one among fifteen nation-wide centers, to offer in 2014-‘15 the ICP-CSR 9 month certificate course of the National Foundation of Corporate Social Responsibility, of the IICA , Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. SMCNC will be running this certificate program in CSR.

SMCNC helps the college to reach out to chambers of commerce, corporate, service, government and non-governmental organizations and facilitates networking of the different activities of the departments with these organizations.

SMCNC also assist in the utilization of different print; broadcast i.e. community radio and other tools of development communication by the college so that communication media become an integral part of the educational services of the college.