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Gender and sexuality are issues of universal importance which leads to inequalities in society. Scholarly approach to these issues is essential and must be pioneered by educational institutions. A discipline like Sociology can provide a comprehensive view and focus, with rigour on the interrelated issues of gender. Stella Maris Gender Center (SMCGC) will fulfill this global requirement, by responding at the local level, as a wing of the Sociology department.

The SMCGC was inaugurated in 2018 and the Head of the Sociology Department Dr. J. Maria Sasitha is the Director of SMCGC. Faculty members of the department hold important posts in the center. Office bearers consisting of the students of the department are selected by the members of the gender center and they organize programs for the whole year.

Plan of Action

  • Social Outreach
  • Scholarly Activities
  • Media Means

Social Outreach

The centre will conduct anti-sexist and gender sensitization workshops at schools, organizations and colleges.

Scholarly Activities

The centre will undertake a survey to identify issues affecting students.
Seminars; Workshops; Exhibitions will be manifested on a regular basis. A diploma program on Gender Studies is our goal.

Media Means

SMCGC hopes to provide archival resources for information on gender and related issues.


  • Every year to begin with a series of workshops on Sex and Gender to orient and equip the students to become agents of change.
  • SMCGC will host Speakers’ Series on Gender, Issues and Queerness, featuring eminent scholars and activists, engaging ideas about gender and sexuality across disciplines.
  • Art exhibition to create awareness on the importance of mental health and well being.
  • The Centre will organise workshops throughout the year aimed at sensitisation and education.
  • Questioning Gender, SMCGC will organize frequent student-led meetings that provide space for open conversations on the campus around everyday issues concerning one’s gender and related issues.
  • The Centre also plans to host film screenings, and an annual Gender Film Festival.

The Office Bearers are:

President Saeeda Hafiz
Secretary S. Aparna
Treasurer Sowmya T
Faculty Advisor : Director of Gender Centre - Dr. J Sasitha

Office Bearers

Dr. Maria Agnes Sasitha J

Director, Stella Maris College Gender Centre
Head of Department, Department of Sociology
Stella Maris College
The centre can be reached at