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The Stella Maris Association of Retired Teachers (SMART) was instituted by the former Librarian Ms. Gita Balachandran in January 2010. At present the office bearers are Dr. Ulaganayki Palani and Dr. Rajini Rabindranath . Members have been issued ID cards which allows them to use the library.

Meetings are organised regularly on the third Saturday of every alternate month, with lectures on yoga, Tibetan medicine, Self-Healing Mudras for health, Acupuncture and Acupressure. SMART has established a news network through email, which ensures that every member of the Association keeps in touch with the activities of the Association.

The Association is building up a Corpus Fund and hopes to become involved in Outreach Programmes that will enable them to continue to support and realise the vision and mission of Stella Maris College.

Office Bearers

Dr. Ulaganayki Palani
Dr. Rajini Rabindranath




Retired Faculty