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There are several ways in which students’ grievances are addressed in Stella Maris College.

The Principal is the first and final authority whom any student can approach directly in case of any complaints such as ragging, caste discrimination of SC / ST students or any other.

A ragging prevention committee comprising of the Principal, Secretary, three Deans of Students’ Affairs and the students’ union members has been instituted and the committee members’ phone numbers are provided in the college handbook for easy access. The freshers are informed of the same during their orientation programmes and also encouraged to use suggestion boxes kept on campus to bring any offensive behaviour to the notice of the authorities.

Various other avenues available to the student body include:

Student Council Meetings held twice a year for all concerns regarding college, co-ordinated by the Students’ Union, is attended by all class representatives and heads of departments in the presence of the Principal and Secretary.

Class Committee meetings held every semester under the aegis of Vice Principals and Academic Deans to address academic requirements of each department