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Stella Maris Centre for Development of Resources for Inclusion and Vocational Enrichment




SMCDRIVE is the Extension Centre of the College, it has its roots in the Social Welfare Centre Shanthi Bhavan started by Rev. Sr. Thecla Camacho FMM in 1954. The main aim was to promote the socio-economic, physical and moral welfare of the people living in neighbouring down trodden communities. In keeping with the changing needs of the society SMCDRIVE-Stella Maris Centre for Development of Resources for Inclusion and Vocational Enrichment was inaugurated on 27 October 2015

VISION - To empower Individuals, Families and Communities towards fostering an Inclusive and Just society.

MISSION -SMCDRIVE founded on the values of Truth and Charity, proposes to strengthen its network with GOs, NGOs and Community Based Network to efficiently link services with the people it serves.


  • To provide basic Counselling services
  • To link resources with people by providing appropriate referral services
  • To train and equip participants with basic Employability Skills
  • To offer livelihood skills /training programmes for Women, Children and Youth
  • To provide Education and Support services for Children
  • • To provide Support services for the Elderly
  • To work with the nearby less privileged communities and help in their development
  • To assist Student trainees, Interns and Volunteers in Social Welfare Activities
  • To collaborate with Government and Non-Government Organizations in executing development programmes that enhances people’s well-being

RECIPIENTS - Students of Stella Maris College and other Colleges and Schools. Also, Women, Children, Adolescents, Youth, Transgenders, People with Disabilities and less privileged Communities.



Sr. Shanthi fmm - Director

Dr.Catherine Joseph-Centre Head, SMCDRIVE

Dr.SreeSailakshmi- Project Manager, SMCDRIVE

Ms.George Anitha, Coordinator, SMCDRIVE

Ms.CelciaAndrea- SocialWorker