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Leveraging global competiveness at Stella Maris College.

Stella Maris College aligns with the educational philosophy of Cardinal John Newman who professed that no institution exists meaningfully on its own but finds meaning only in its interrelationship and interaction with others. Academic partnerships are becoming increasingly important in today’s world as we become more and more connected around the globe. Stella Maris College aims to leverage and enhance global competiveness as an empowering tool in higher education

In today’s transnational world, internationalization through academic collaborations has become the key academic goal in higher education. It is therefore the mandate and vision of Stella Maris College to initiate an International Centre for Research and International Programmes to foster the spirit of enquiry and excellence of international output across disciplines while ensuring that local interests meet and establish resourceful linkages with the global.

Keeping abreast with global learning practices and aiming to develop an exciting collaborative education within the region and beyond, Stella Maris College has over 100 strategic partnerships with high quality institutions, these partnerships aim to foster collaborative academic research, deliver innovative programmes, and provide exchange of information, knowledge and mobility of students and faculty. The partnerships are important for expanding the scope of learning experiences for the students

The aim of shared and joint activity is to maximize opportunities for students and faculty while being able to promote and nurture a collaborative synergy in our academic and practices of intercultural competence.

Stella Maris College Students have visited several countries ranging from the UK, US, to China and Canada to universities of the Liverpool hope university, Le Tourneau University, Texas, Fu Jen University, Taiwan and Binary University in Malaysia and the Trinity Western University Canada. Apart from shared activities the long term courses in International MBA, and Data Analytics in Liverpool Hope, UK and Masters in Leadership in Canada are offered in the college.

Ranging from the local to the international, the value of partnerships at the Stella Maris College lies in strengthening academic relations, promoting intercultural understanding, initiating meaningful dialogues, developing institutional friendships and steering ahead sustainable academic cooperation and progression.

- Dr Renuka Rajaratnam
Dean, Research and International Programmes




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