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Stella Maris College has launched an online verification of mark lists and degree certificates using the Global Document Verification System which is a secure online document verification and authentication technology developed by, a technology inspired and supported by IIT Madras, which facilitates the universities, alumnus and a document user to be in a single web eco-system enabling faster, cost-effective and efficient verification and authentication of documents.

To verify college issued certificates or mark list, Alumnus or any other document user can upload the said documents at and after making online payment, the College will verify the credentials. After the verification has been completed, an email having a link of the verified document will be sent to the requesting party. GDVS has pre-verified option which facilitates students to have their documents verified before it has been requested by an employer or embassy or an overseas college. A high level of data and systems security has been put in place to ensure data privacy and reliability. The certificates and mark lists are verified only by authorized officials of the College using their logins and access tokens. Upon verification, the system automatically embeds the verifier credentials and verification result on to the certificate and mark list leaving an audit trail was developed because of numerous fake documents reports which have hampered the credibility of various institutions thereby rendering the certificates issued to students to lose their value.

Stella Maris College’s participation in the Global Document Verification System will curtail the fake document menace and most importantly, to ensure credibility of the alumnus certificates and mark lists. GDVS will also facilitate the interlinking of various institutions and universities enabling expeditious admissions of student from different institutions. Environmentalists will also have a reason to cheer for as this e-governance drive will reduce the use of paper and exchange of couriers.

Data theft and use of fraudulent documents are increasing alarmingly in our country. These in turn also possess a threat to national security. Furthermore, citizens lose a lot of time and effort first in getting their documents and then having them authenticated or verified by third parties. Issuing authorities have to manage huge repositories of papers and are quite at sea when it comes to authenticating or verifying documents submitted to them officially. As the internet opens up possibilities of location-independent and instantaneous transactions,, a secure online document issue and authentication system can completely transform the age-old process of paper based verification and make it more secure, smooth, efficient and easy. GDVS is being implemented at Stella Maris College as part of a technology transfer from, a company incubated by IIT Madras Research Park and supported by Department of Management Studies and Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

In case you require further clarifications you may contact:
Mr. Anil Sebastian, representing GDVS, reach us at +918939779680 or you can mail us at or you can write to the Principal, Stella Maris College.