JANUARY    30-31,2019

Important Dates

Submission Of Abstracts:25 April 2021

Notification Of Acceptance Of Abstracts:02 January 2019

Submission Of Full Paper:11 March 2021

Last Date Of Registration:10 January 2019

About Conference

Since war begins in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defence of peace must be constructed(Preamble to UNESCO Const 1945).
Difficult to define and challenging to achieve in a sustainable manner, peace has often been regarded as the absence of conflict. Yet, it also has a positive autonomous existence. However, conflict continues to be a major obstacle to achieving peace. Since contemporary political, ethnic and linguistic conflicts are characterized by great complexity and uncertainty due to the rapidly shifting dynamics of power and political borders, approaches to peace need to be considered in a holistic manner. For a creative understanding and possibility of building peace in such a manner it is imperative that conflict and peace be considered from multidisciplinary perspectives.
The Palestinian-American Cultural critic Edward Said, speaking on the role of intellectuals said,'Real intellectuals are never more themselves when, moved by metaphysical passion and disinterested principles of justice and truth, they denounce corruption, defend the weak, defy imperfect or oppressive authority'.
In this context, we believe that as a community of intellectuals, the academia has an imperative duty to the world to create conditions conducive to peace and by extension to understand the nature of conflict. Understanding the nature of conflicts is necessary to evolve strategies and creative approaches to building peace across different levels of society.
To this end, SMICMR 4 and the Departments of Humanities and Social Sciences at Stella Maris College (Autonomous), Chennai hope to bring thinkers, activists, writers, practitioners and theorists in an International Conference on Peace Building and Conflict Transformation: Moving from Violence to Sustainable Peace.
The Conference will also be held to mark the sesquicentennial birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi whose discourses on peace have not only made a world-wide impact but also offer paradigms for sustainable development, modernity and conflict transformation. The conference aims to ensure that learners of all ages acquire the knowledge, skills and values needed to promote sustainable and peaceful societies. A pre-conference Peace Building Workshop will train youth between 17 and 23 years of age to function as active leaders in the peace building processes.

Organised by

Stella Maris International Centre for Multidisciplinary Research &
Departments of Humanities and Social Sciences
Stella Maris College (Autonomous),Chennai-600 086
in collaboration with
Vitasta Publishers, New Delhi

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Rajmohan Gandhi

(Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and Rajagopalachari)

Visiting Professor IIT, Gandhinagar, Gujarat and Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.

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