With the aim of introducing a scientific computing environment based on mathematical approaches, the FIST (Fund for the Improvement of Science and Technology Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions) lab was inaugurated on July 4, 2007, to cater to the needs of teaching, research and industrial applications.

Besides sanctioning a grant for the purchase of books under the FIST programme, the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi sponsored the setting up of this state-of-the-art Computer laboratory. This included 20 computers, 1 server, 6 UPS units, 1 printer, and MATHCAD 24 software. The College provided the lab with internet connections and four additional computers.

The FIST lab is accessible to the faculty as well as the M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D. students of the department of Mathematics. Postgraduate students of the department also use the lab for various papers, such as Analysis of Algorithms, Research Methods and Tools and Dissertation.

Additionally, the FIST lab is also used for Demo classes in Fuzzy Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling. The lab is used for Research Discussions in Graph Theory & Fuzzy Mathematics. The viva voce of M.Phil, M.Sc students and Summer Internship Presentations are also held in the lab.

The lab has been used to conduct programmes:

  • The practice session of the UBCHEA sponsored short term course on Optimization Theory and Practice held on December 2007

  • A one-day workshop on Mathematical Modelling held on August 7, 2010

  • A workshop on "Technical Tools to assist Research - FLASH, MATHCAD, LATEX" held on August 1, 2015