International Studies

Founded in 2002, the Department of International Studies is a pioneering effort in the field. Stella Maris is the only women's college offering this unique Master's Degree programme, which is the first of its kind in the State. The programme adopts a liberal perspective combined with research and analytical tools which enable students to understand the complexities of the political, cultural, economic and social forces that shape international affairs. The multi-disciplinary curriculum is designed to include both practical and theoretical components and includes workshops and seminars. Students are exposed to negotiation and conflict resolution through debates and simulations.

Summer internships - which give students hands-on experience - are an integral part of the learning process and are done at the end of the second semester for a period of 45 days. By equipping its students with the skills necessary for future analysts and researchers in regional and international affairs, the Department moulds aspirants for Public Service, as well as personnel for international organisations, NGOs and corporate bodies.

The Department has signed MoUs with the Institute of Social Change and the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, both based in New Delhi.

The Department of International Studies has also signed an MOU with the Institut Catholique d'Etudes Superieures, Nantes, France. This student exchange programme permits students of Political Science and International Relations at ICES to earn the necessary credits for their overseas programme requirement in Stella Maris College. Over a period of five years 9 students from ICES have completed two semesters of study in the department.

The Department has launched a newsletter called FOCUS which serves as a platform for students to voice their opinions and write critically on various issues. The newsletter is entirely a student effort. 

M.A. - International Studies

Core Courses

  • International History (1648 - 1945)
  • International Relations Since 1945
  • International Security
  • International Political Economy
  • Theories and Issues of International Relations
  • International Law - I & II
  • India's Foreign Policy
  • Research Methodology
  • American Foreign Policy
  • International Organizations
  • Human Rights
  • Conflict and Cooperation in South Asia
  • The International Order in the Asia Pacific
  • Dissertation

Elective Courses

  • International Terrorism
  • Government and Politics of Middle East
  • Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Ethnicity, Culture and International Relations
  • Latin America's Polity, Society and Economy
Summer Internship

Independent Study Courses

  • Third World Development and Challenges
  • Introduction to Political Thought

The Department offers the following Post Graduate Elective courses to students of other departments:

  • Globalization
  • World Affairs