The B.A. degree programme in Economics was started in 1948, with Dr. Mother Carla Rosa fmm as the Head. The Postgraduate programme was started in 1960 - making Stella Maris the first women's college in the city to offer this programme. The Department also offers research programmes leading to the M. Phil and Ph.D. degrees

The objective of the Department is to equip students with conceptual and theoretical tools, as well as quantitative and qualitative techniques, which will help them to analyse current economic trends and phenomena. The curriculum of the Department is firmly rooted in Indian society and the Indian Economy, with one course specifically dealing with the economy of Tamil Nadu. Thus, the curriculum enables the students to understand the nuances of the subject while allowing them to explore their own epistemological standpoint. The wide range of courses offered by the Department, and the theoretical basis combined with subjective and objective methods, give the students a good understanding of a wide range of issues. The Department is one of the few amongst city colleges in the country to offer courses such as Gender Economics, Women, Work and the Economy, Environmental Economics and Ecofeminism. Such areas of study give the students an opportunity for research and for rewriting defunct theories.

The Department also conducts various Certificate Courses for the students of the College. The courses that are offered are:

  • Stocks, Shares and Bonds
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Financial Planning and Portfolio Management
  • Gender and Work

The Department also conducts a Bridge Course in Mathematics for students who find the subject a little challenging. Remedial classes are conducted on a regular basis for weaker students and the practice of peer group teaching is followed.

The faculty of the Department helps students intern with various companies, banks and research organisations. The Internship programme for postgraduate students is mandatory while it is optional for undergraduate students.

ANKUR, the Annual Departmental journal is published with contributions from both faculty and students.

The Dr. Sr. Helen Vincent Endowment lecture is an annual feature.

The undergraduate and the postgraduate programmes are designed to educate, stimulate and enthuse students graduating from the Department to participate effectively in both industrial adventure and rural realities.


B.A. - Branch IV - Economics

Major Core Courses

  • Micro Economics - I & II
  • Indian Economic Development - I & II
  • Monetary Economics I & II
  • Development Theory
  • Macro Economics - I & II
  • Public Finance - I & II
  • Economic Thought
  • International Economics

Allied Core Courses

  • Statistics for Economics
  • Mathematical Methods for Economics
  • Principles of Financial Management
  • Introductory Econometrics

Major Elective Courses

  • Environmental Economics
  • Research Methods and Economic Analysis
  • Human Resource Development
  • Project

Allied Elective Courses

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Operations Research
  • Accounting Practices
  • Journalistic Writing
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Economics of Budget

Independent Study Course

  • Managerial Economics
  • Nobel Laureates in Economics

The Department offers the following General Elective courses to students of other departments:

  • Ecofeminism
  • Economic Issues
  • Money Matters
  • Public Policy
  • Economics for Competitive Examinations
  • Women and Work

MASTER OF ARTS - M.A. - Branch III - Economics

Core Courses

  • Micro Economic Analysis - I & II
  • Monetary Economics
  • Growth and Development Economics
  • Research Methods and Analysis - I & II
  • International Trade
  • Public Economics - I & II
  • Macro Economics - I & II
  • Environmental Economics
  • Gender Economics
  • Human Resource Development
  • Dissertation

Elective Courses

  • Industrial Economics
  • Mathematics for Economics
  • Advanced Managerial Economics
  • Econometric Methods
  • Economics for Business and Marketing
  • Advanced Econometrics

Summer Internship

Independent Study Courses

  • Economic thoughts
  • Financial Institutions & Markets in India

The Department offers the following Post Graduate Elective courses to students of other departments:

  • Contemporary Economic Issues
  • Economics for Managers


Core Courses

  • Research Methodology
  • Advanced Economic Theory
  • Human Resource Development
  • Dissertation

Certificate Course

  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Stocks, Shares and Bonds
  • Financial Planning and Portfolio Management
  • Gender and Work