Value Education

As a Catholic institution of Higher Education, the College endeavours to promote and nurture sound values, and with this in mind, organises several programmes and activities that help in the character formation of the students. Courses in Christian Perspectives / Ethics are offered to all the students of the College as part of the curriculum. At the undergraduate level the Department offers the following courses: Values in Personal Life, Values in Family and Social Life and Building a Humane and Just Society. At the postgraduate level, the Department offers courses on Values and Competencies, Women in Family and Society and Values for Harmonious Living.

The Value Education courses are coordinated by Sr. Sundari fmm, the Campus Minister.  She also organises seminars for the faculty teaching these courses, in order to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills. One-day retreats are also organised for the Christian faculty.

Workshops on different forms of prayer, yoga and meditation, as well as guest lectures on course-related themes are organised for the students. Student prayer groups on campus, both in English and Tamil, are given direction and guidance. An annual retreat is also conducted for all the Catholic students of the College.

The Inaugural Mass at the beginning of the academic year and the Thanksgiving Mass at the end of the academic year is overseen by the Department in collaboration with the Deans of Student Affairs.