Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit and French are offered to all the students of the college as a Core Foundation course under Part I of the Undergraduate Degree programme.


The Department of Tamil was started in 1950 and since then has offered part I Tamil to the students of the College.  The syllabus covers both classical and contemporary texts especially those which deal with feminist issues. The Department also offers job oriented Optional and General Elective papers on Journalism and the Mass Media.

The Department also has a club, the Bharathi Mandram, which encourages students to take part in debates, dramatics and creative writing. Pongal celebrations are also organized every year by the department.

The following Elective courses are offered to students of other departments:

  • Basic Tamil - I & II
  • Medai Pechchu
  • Padaippu Illakiyam
  • Nattuppuraiyal
  • Suttrula



The Department of French was started in 1947 in order to give students the opportunity to learn a foreign language.  The focus of the department is on the development of the basic language skills such as oral and written comprehension and communication. Emphasis is laid on spoken French through the study of the French language and civilisation, and the assessment of spoken French is an essential component of the testing pattern.

Authentic documents used for study help students to improve their knowledge of contemporary French civilization and culture. Students are also exposed to French literature through the study of simple literary texts.

The Department offers the following General Elective Course to students of other departments:
  • French for Beginners
  • French for Business
  • Spoken French



The department of Hindi was founded in 1947, and has grown over the years, always keeping up with changing trends and needs of society. When the college became autonomous in 1987, the department was the first to offer job oriented/vocational courses such as Advertising, Journalism and Creative Writing. The current syllabus of the department focuses on applied grammar and prose, and includes components such as Power Point presentations, seminars, dramatizations and translation projects. Keeping in mind the job opportunities in the print and electronic media and the translation Cells of Central Government offices, the department currently offers papers in Journalism and Translation.

The General Elective papers offered by the department are very popular as they cater to the needs of students from non-Hindi speaking areas.

In the year 1997- 98 the department started KHILTI KALIYAN the first Hindi Journal in the college, with students on the editorial board. The journal provides a forum in which students can express their creative talents.

The Department offers the following General Elective Course to students of other departments:
  • Hindi for Beginners
  • Spoken Hindi
  • Public Speaking in Hindi
  • Creative Writing in Hindi



The Department of Sanskrit was started in 1950 to enable students to study this ancient classical Indian language. Today, the students of the department are a heterogeneous group, since some of them are familiar with the language while others are not. To encourage and cater to the needs of the new entrants, the course is structured to include a basic Induction Course of 12-15 hours.

The syllabus covers a wide range of texts, which have been carefully chosen to enable students to appreciate the rich and vast cultural resources of Sanskrit. The syllabus includes the study of both minor and epic poetry, drama and prose, and introduces students to Champu (a mixture of prose and verse) and to Scientific Literature written in Sanskrit on topics such as the medical, organic, inorganic, aeronautical and environmental sciences. Members of Sanskrit Theatre groups are also invited to the college to share their experiences and interact with the students.

The Department offers the following General Elective Course to students of other departments:
  • Spoken Sanskrit
  • Stress Management in Sanskrit Literature