Dr. Revathy Rajagopal
M.Sc., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
revathyrajagopal@stellamariscollege.org, revathyrajagopalraju@gmail.co
"Studies on rare earth double selenates with some non-metallic cations", University of Mumbai, Dec 1999
Co-Investigator in UGC sponsored major research project titled "Synthesis and characterization of Novel Polymeric Metal Nanocomposites and its Application in Optoelectronics" 2013-16.( extended up to March 2017)

• Revathy Rajagopal, Synthesis and thermal decomposition of monomethylammonnium rare earth double selenates, Monat Shefte Fur Chemie, Volume 122, 1633-73, (2002)

• Dr. Revathy Rajagopal- Molar Conductivities of monomethylammonium double sulphates of Co, Ni, and Cu at 25oC.- Journal of Applied Chemistry (2012), Nov-Dec issue, 33-36.

• Revathy Rajagopal- Green Synthesis and Characterisation of silver nanoparticles using Fenu greek seed extract- International Journal of Scientific and Research Publication, (2013) 3(7), 1992-1995.

• Revathy Rajagopal, Radioactive Sudoku, Science Reporter, July 2014, 43.

• Revathy Rajagopal., Synthesis and Characterization of Metal doped Nanocrystallinecopper Sulphide., International Journal of Recent Scientific Research Vol. 6, Issue, 4, April, 2015, pp.3328-3331.

INSA Teacher Fellowship in April 2013 at IISc Bangalore.

Material Science, Catalysis & Green Chemistry, writing puzzles.