Dr. Nirmala Alex
M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., NET

Assistant Professor
A Study on Women construction workers with specific reference in Mofussil areas in Tambaram Taluk

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  • Global Vision of women Development- Editors -Tharumar.P, Paramasivam.G, Alphonsa STitle of the paper "Effects of Globalization on Unorganized Workers with Specific Reference to Women Construction Workers". By Nirmala Alex Pg. – 87 ISBN 978-81-924744-2-7
  • Paper titled,A study on Women Construction Workers with specific reference to health" published in a book "Dimensions of Social Exclusion", ISBN 978-93 50502505, 2013 edition .
  • A study on the participation of women in the Gramasabha with specific reference to Tirupassur Panchayat, Thiruvallur district published in the International Journal for Environmental Protection and Rural Development. ISSN 2249-4375. Sept 2013 ,Vol: 3.
Rural, Urban Community Development, Human Rights, Developmental Work and Public Speaking