Dr. Shan Eugene
B.A., M.A, M.Phil., SET, Ph.D


    Books Published
  • History of Political Prisoners in Kerala Vijnana Kairali, State Institute of Languages, Trivandrum, May 2006.
  • History of Police Strikes in India Vijnana Kairali, State Institute of Languages, Trivandrum, February 2007.
  • History of Cellular Prison Structures Indian Historical Studies, Tiruchirappalli, April 2007.
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  • Police-Media: Contemporary Interface Issues Research Reference (Biannual Journal of Social Science) Vol.4, No.2, Jul-Dec 2009. ISSN 0975-1203
  • Origin and Development of Tribal Languages in South India Research Reference (Biannual Journal of Social Science) Vol.5, No.2, Jul-Dec 2010. ISSN 0975-1203
  • Culture and Religion of Mala Arayan tribes Research Reference (Biannual Journal of Social Science) Vol.6, No.1-2, Jan-Dec 2011. ISSN 0975-1203
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  • Police Corruption : A Debauchment to Human Rights Corruption and Human Rights, New Delhi: Allied Publishers (P) Ltd., 2012. ISBN 978-81-8424-751-0
  • Custodial Violence in Kerala (1996-2006) – A Historical Perspective New Delhi Publishers, New Delhi, 2012. ISBN 978-93-81274-13-2
  • Quest for Human Rights : The Third Sex Good Governance and Sustainability, Ed. Dr. D Devanathan, Dr. S Prabhakaran, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Annamalai University, 2012. ISBN 978-93-81992-10-4
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