Dr. C.L.Shilaja
M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Retrieving the Self from Oblivion: A Study of the Selected Novels of Toni Morrison and Louise Erdrich


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 Papers presented in International/National workshops


1.  C.L.Shilaja and Rennet Samson (2011), “Pollution of Environment in the novels of Louise       Erdrich’s Tracks and Plague of Doves”. 2011 International Conference on Social Science       and Humanity at  Singapore, 26-28 Feb, Pg (228-231) (IEEE:CFP1132M-PRT)ISBN:978-       1-4244-9374-6
 2.  C.L.Shilaja and Rennet Samson(2011),“Retrieving Communal Memory from Oblivion:              Toni  Morrison’s Beloved and Mercy.” Proceeding of the Ninth International Conference           on New  Directions in the Humanities. June 8-11. Spain : University dad de                             Granada,Campus La Cartuja Granada. 
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American Literature, Indian Writing in English, Post colonial Studies, ELT