Ms. Abirami D
M.A.(Corp.Sec.)., M.Phil.(Com.)., M.B.A., M.Phil.(Corp.Sec)., SET., (Ph.D )

Assistant Professor
"Impact of Computerisation on Customer Service in Banks"

March 2017 Issue - " Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of IT Companies with Focus on Education " - International Journal of Business And Administration Research Review (IJBARR), Volume 2, Issue 17, pp.96 -99 Print ISSN: 2348-0653 Online ISSN: 2347-856X Impact Factor: 4.729 

 February 2015 Issue - " Social Responsibility Of Global Organisation "- Paper Presented In International Conference On Managing Globalisation Trends And Challenges, Measi Institute Of Management,  ISBN 978-81-  929959-2-2 


Law, Marketing, Management