Dr. Shyamala K
M.Sc., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Structural studies on Collagen Using Anilino Naphthalene Sulphonate as fluorescent probe

1. K. Shyamala., Suhasini Cherine A., Nandha Devi E. and Deepa Gaauthem. “Insilico Study of Binding Parameters of Various Antioxidants with Human Paraoxonase 1”. Journal of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Research Vol. 4(1), January 2012. ISSN-2141-2227.

 2.  K.Shyamala., Nandha Devi E., SuhasiniCherine A. and Deepa Gaauthem. “Identification of drug target in RasP 21 oncoprotein using bioinformatics tools and drug discoveryprotocols”,National Conference on Impact of Biotechnology Health care and Industry IBHI- 2011.


Clinical Biochemistry,Clinical Research Methodology,Structure of Proteins,Food Chemistry,Environmental studies,Teaching Sciences,Food Processing,Food Adulteration