Dr. Lakshmi I
M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph. D.,

Assistant Professor
Automatic web service composition using semantic web technologies

  • Semantic web services -where are we and where we are going-Journal of algorithm and computational technology. I.Lakshmi, Dr.K.Algarsamy, Vol.10, 391-396(2011) Feb-10
  • Computation of Interaction Potential of adsorbates on Zig-zag SWCNTS – Application to Functionalization and Hydrogen Storage I.Lakshmi, D. Silambarasan, V. J. Surya, M. Rajarajeswari and K. IyakuttiInternational Journal of Nano Science. Vol.10, 391-396(2011).
  • "Hydrogen storage in TiO Vol.10, 391-396(2011) functionalized (10, 10) single walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) e First principles study using web-services" International journal of hydrogen energy 39 (2014) 4973e4980 Dr.I.Lakshmi Feb-14
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