The Light Music club is a team of enthusiastic ‘musicoholics’ having amazing singers, instrumentalists and percussionists. This year the club has received a huge response from the first and second years and as the club is on a look out for new talents , the intake of students in this academic year by the club has been massive and impressive. The club will take part in all cultural events within and outside the city.

Plans for the year:

•    Organize workshops by eminent professionals from the music industry. (All are welcome )
•    Invite Acapella trainers to train singers on improving their voice quality.
•    Open mike music talent hunt for the entire college

The Office Bearers are :

President              :  Varsha (III year B.Sc Psychology)

Secretary  (Shift I)  : Hiranmayee (II year B.Sc Mathematics)

Secretary  (Shift II)  : Antionette (II year B.Com)

Faculty Advisor :  Dr. Evangeline, Department of Commerce