Everything in this Universe is interconnected, which makes it much more important for us to respect and guard our immediate environment. And we do....just that!

Our college is home to a diverse community of flora and fauna including plants which are found in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)  Red List as critically endangered too. Our club is more than litter removal. It is an initiation into a change of lifestyle. Through the club, one can be part of various activities and awareness drives that not only discuss the threats that our planet is currently facing but also find solutions and act on them!
What's more? Discover the ecstasy around you and on campus through walks and presentations. Feel the peace vibes of watching butterflies carefully balancing themselves on flowers...and turtles that slowly make their way to their nests!!... Discover what the Earth has to tell you through tree hugs and bird watches and more...

The Office Bearers are :

President         : Samyuktha Sanjay (III year Zoology)   

Secretary        : Pavithra (II year History)  

Treasurer         : Shweta (III year Zoology)  


Faculty Advisor :  Dr. Mary Theresita, Department of Chemistry