The Club seeks to inculcate in club members a sense of pride, appreciation and achievement in the learning and practice of Indian Classical Dance forms.

Its objectives are:

  •       To  enhance their appreciation of the different classical dance forms of India

  •       To ensure that talented dancers in College find a forum to display their talent and creativity

  •       To include and ensure the participation of non-classical dancers who join the club for the love of dance and a desire to learn this art form

  •       To be available for participation in thematic and other presentations during events of importance in the College and outside

  •           To use dance as a medium to convey socially relevant messages

     The Office Bearers are:

    President                : S.Sreemathi (III year BVA Fine arts)

    Secretary(Shift I)    : Krishna P Unny (III year BA History)

                    (Shift II)   : Bhavana Sridhar (II year B.Com)

     Faculty Advisor        : Dr. Kalpana Jayaraman, Department of Zoology