Career Guidance Cell

The Career Guidance Cell (CGC) started in 2003 as an initiative of the Alumnae Association of Stella Maris College. Drawing on the rich expertise of  its Alumnae who head various organizations in India and abroad, the CGC provides comprehensive services in the area of training, options regarding higher studies, internships and full-time placements for both undergraduate and post-graduate students. 


  Objectives of the Cell

    ·        To expose students to the culture of Global Organisations

·         To create awareness of Organisations’ expectations from young talent

·         To provide available information on jobs, positions, opportunities

·         To assist students in career planning through workshops, seminars and special events 

·         To develop employment opportunities and foster partnerships with corporates to facilitate on- and off-campus recruitments

·     To enhance the quality of services through innovative technology, programme development and continuous updating of resources  


  Under the leadership of Ms. Sarala Vasu, the Career guidance work is carried out by the following volunteers: 

  • Ms. Judy Nagarajan

  • Ms. Mathavi Thangaraj

  • Ms. Sharadha Thiyagarajan

  • Ms. Subhasini Raja

  • Ms. Vasanthi Mahendiran

  • Ms. Vini Victor


 Campus Recruitment: 2016-17

 In the last academic year 60% of our students who registered for campus recruitment were placed in various companies. Some of the companies that recruited our students are Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, World Bank, WIPRO, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Royal Bank of Scotland Sutherland, Zoho, Zifo RnD, Verizon, Google, TNQ, Scientific Publishing, Velammal Schools and NTrust etc


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